Modern intensive poultry production has achieved phenomenal gains in the efficient and economical production of high quality and safe chicken meat, eggs and poultry bioproducts. At the same time as making gains in production and efficiency, the industry has had to maximise the health and well-being of the birds and minimise the impact of the industry on the environment. The use of feed additives has been an important part of achieving this success.

Feed additives includes:

  1. Immune Stimulant
  2. Acidifiers
  3. Minerals
  4. Anti-Stress products
  5. Vitamins and more.

Large Animals


The success of modern animal production in supplying large quantities of low-cost feed to the human population depends to a large extent on the judicious and creative use of feed additives. The development and introduction of various new feed additives is a major and practical solution to improve the efficiency of animal production, to alleviate environmental pollution, to maintain animal health and welfare and to ensure that food is safe and of good quality.




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