wipe power

Well balanced combination of:

  • Calcium for maintenance of muscular nerve transmission and Muscular contraction, Proper cardiac output, proper blood coagulation process indicated for calcium deficiency in poultry, cattle, horses and sheep.
  • Essential Amino acids(Methionine, Lysine) that are essential for building up the complex structural and functional protein molecules
  • Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) for maintenance of metabolic equilibrium and health.

Uses & Indications

  • Overcoming major and trace minerals deficiency.
  • Improvement of feathering and flesh development in chicks.
  • Enhancement of immunity, growth, weight gain and FCR.
  • Improvement of hatchability and egg shell formation in layers.
  • Increasing blood formation preventing chicken anemia.
  • Prevention of stress caused by vaccination, disease, transport, high temperature and humidity.
  • Protection large animals from phosphorus deficiency after winter season.
  • Increasing milk secretion in cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat.
  • Protection dairy cattle from calcium deficiency after parturition.



Prophylactic: 0.5 ml/ 1 liter drinking water for 2- 3 successive days.

Treatment: 1 ml/ 1 liter drinking water for 3-5 successive days.

Large animals: 20 -50 ml / animal / day diluted in drinking water.