Streptomine ( Injection)


Each bottle contains:

Streptomycin Sulfate 200 gm .

(Equivalent to 140 gm Streptomycin base)


Streptomycin is considered one of powerful antibiotics where it affects the gram negative bacteria as: Escherichia coli, and Salmonella, Klebsiella and pasturella.
Cattle, horses and small animals:it works against respiratory reproductive and urinary tracts diseases caused by gram negative Bacteria.


Add special sterile water injection 200 g powder for up to 500 ml (bottle capacity) to get a 40% streptomycin sterile solution ready for injection is equivalent to 30% streptomycin base (any sulfate that each ml of the product containing 300 mg Streptomycin base)

Cows and horses: 1 ml of the product per 30 kg of body weight.

Dogs: 0.5 ml of the product per 15 kg body weight of those.

Cats: 0.1 ml of the product per 3 kg of body weight.

For each species: the dose is given by injection in the muscle or under the skin given twice on the first day and then once a day for every 3-5 days.

withdrawal time:

Cattle: 30 days from last injection.


  • Do not give product with neuromuscular inhibitors.

  • Do not give to small Dogs and Cats.

  • Do not give to pregnant animals.

  • Do not give to birds and milk producing animals.

Side effects:

  • There are no side effects at the recommended dose limits.

  • Renal failure occurs if given to small Dogs and Cats.

Storage conditions:

Store in a cool, dry place and dark at 25 ° C.