Calmere (LIQ)

Calmere (LIQ)


Each one liter contains:

  • Calmere contains a mixture of natural extracts which act as a bronchodilator and mucus solvent.
  • Calmere is a rich source of herbs which have a high potency against repiratory diseases.

Uses of Calmere:

  • In case bacterial and viral infections which cause many respiratory problems.
  • Strong mucus solvent. Calmere makes breathing easier.
  • Used after vaccinations to decrease the adverse effect on the respiratory system.
  • In climatic changes which accompanied by difficulty in breathing.
  • In case of thermal stress.
  • Prevention of respiratory diseases and refuce its associated symptoms.
  • Impeoves the immune system perfotmance.


1 ml / 4 liters of drinking water.


500 ml.