Betaphos (INJ)

Composition :

Contain per 100 ml.

Butafosfan[ 1-(butylamino) 1- methylethyl)]-Phosphorus acid 10 gm.

(Eq .to 1.73 gm phosphorus base)

Vit. B12 (Cyancobalamine) 5 gm

Indications :

It's used as phosphorus supplment to animals which suffered from phosphorus deficiency and it's associated diseases .
For metabolic disturbances. Debility and fatigue cases , during convalescence, after difficult birth, nutritional disturbance of young animals, rickets and osteomalacia and after fractures of bones.

Administration :

I.V injection


Cattle: 5-25 ml

Calf: 5-12 ml

Sheep, Goat: 2.5-5ml

Lambs: 1.5-2.5 ml

( 5 mg Butafosfan/ kg b.wt and 0.0025 mg Vit.B12 /kg b.wt)

Contraindications :


Precautions :

For I.V injection only.

Not for use in animals from which milk is produced for human consumption.

Withdrawal time :


Side effects :

No side effects.

After parentral administration, the LD50 in mice were 21.000 mg/ kg (S/C) And 10.000 mg /g (I.V), as pharmacokinetic data indicated rapid elimination of butafosfan at 12 hours after treatment and the amount of residues likely to be ingested are not considered to be of any risk to the consumer.

Storage conditions :

stored in cool, dry and dark place and 25°C.