M.A. for Pharmaceutical Industries and Feed Additives (MAPCO):


MAPCO Factory is Founded in 2009 and opened at 2011 and it our aim to produce Top Quality Products which meet International Quality standard.



Our mission is to discover new therapeutics to improve Veterinary section health & quality by building on our pioneering science and technology in drug manufacturing field.



We endeavor to make MAPCO Pharmaceuticals a major, profitable pharmaceutical company offering novel therapeutics to treat significant medical Veterinary needs. With total commitment to quality and our values, we will.

  • Continue to progress our science to develop new drug field and high protection boarders.
  • Establish, improve and defend the intellectual property position of our drugs, our target genes and our technologies.
  • Maintain and expand partnerships for our future drug development.
  • Provide a work environment that develops teams through rewarding and challenging jobs.
  • Challenging to produce Egyptian products to Middle East.